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Drukell B. Trahan, a practicing earth scientist, has specialized in the evaluation of environmental data for 36 years, since obtaining a Master of Science degree in Geology in 1980. As part of his career in academia, industry and state government, he has studied the complex interactions and patterns associated with environmental variability, including sea level rise, water quality, and climate, publishing several research papers along the way.

He holds a professional license in the practice of the geosciences in the State of Louisiana. His work and play in South Louisiana bayou country, in an area of the country ravaged by hurricanes, sea level rise, land loss, and human impact, along with a deep personal faith, inspired him to follow a career path that promotes the betterment and balance of society toward stewardship and the responsible utilization of resources, without compromising human advancements in technology, commerce, entertainment, comfort, and life expectancy.

He currently lives, works, and prays in Baton Rouge, Louisiana along with his wife. They have a spoiled dachshund and often share time with their three grandchildren under an electrical system augmented with solar cell technology.